A huge and hearty congratulations to documentary filmmaker Josh Fox for winning an Emmy for Outstanding Direction for Nonfiction Programming for his film "Gasland," his film about the destructive path fracking, or hydrologic fracturing mining, is carving through our country. His film is one of the reasons fracking is showing up on the general public's radar and has become a major stressor in the lives of energy executives everywhere.


Josh Fox is one of the good ones, and I am happy to see him get the recognition of so high an honor as an Emmy. Grist points out that HBO will be running "Gasland," making it eligible for television awards as well. Every award won is a headline closer to educating more people about the dangers of fracking.


If you haven't seen "Gasland" yet, you should. Here's a quick clip.




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Congratulations to Josh Fox for winning an Emmy for 'Gasland'!
Documentary filmmaker Josh Fox just won an Emmy for his film "Gasland" which exposes fracking for the dangerous boondoggle that it is.