Bicycle activists in New York City planning a naked bike ride to protest the removal of bike lanes were forced to change their plans at the last minute when the temperatures dropped below freezing ahead of a large storm.

Two guys in New Zealand had better luck. Senior Constable Cather Duder pulled over a pair of men a couple of weeks ago around 10 p.m. in the seaside resort town of Whangamata after seeing the two riding bikes in the buff. Though public nudity is a chargeable offensive in New Zealand, Duder decided to cut them some slack and sent them on their way with an admonishment to wear a helmet. "It was dark and there was no one else around. They were jovial young men who had not intended to cause offense," she said.

Good cop.

Bad cop.

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Cop to naked riders: Where's your helmet?
An amused New Zealand police officer warned two naked bike riders about the dangers of not wearing a helmet before sending them home.