You're not really a hard-core activist until you've been arrested for your cause.

Darryl Hannah is now officially hard-core.

She, along with NASA scientist James Hansen and 28 other protesters, was arrested after they blocked a road leading to a Massey Energy coal processing plant in West Virginia to protest mountaintop removal mining, aka the most evil mining practice known to man this side of the ancient Roman slave mining pits.

Here's a video.

HuffPo has news that a supporter of Massey Energy assaulted Coal River Mountain Watch co-director Judy Bonds during the event. The supporter was arrested and charged with battery.

Mountaintop removal mining needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Kudos to Ms. Hannah and the rest of the brave protesters for standing up against a wickedly evil practice.

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Darryl Hannah arrested protesting mountaintop removal mining
Movie star Darryl Hannah and NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen were arrested along with dozens of others after blocking access to a coal facility.