Here's a little something different for your weekend movie watching. Pop a big bowl of popcorn and curl up on the couch this Earth Day weekend and watch "Catching the Sun" on Netflix. This Leonardo DiCaprio-produced film looks at solar as not only a possible solution to our climate crisis, but also as a possible solution to our economic crisis.

As solar and other renewable energy industries grow, jobs are created. A recent economic study estimated that a transition to clean energy will add 1 million jobs in the U.S. by 2030, according to the film's website. To make that happen, governmental policy changes need to happen, including policies at the local level.

I often point you to websites that make it simple to contact your congressperson or senator about an issue. When it comes to solar, contacting your local mayor might be the best place to start. "Catching the Sun's" website points to the Sierra Club's site, where you can easily ask your mayor to make transitioning to 100 percent clean energy the top of the city's agenda.

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