Do you have a few dollars you could donate towards helping out with the BP oil spill?

No, I'm not talking about the very worthy campaign being waged by the NWF to raise funds to support cleanup in the Gulf; I'm talking about the $2,000 Adam Quirk is raising to purchase 100 vuvuzelas and to hire 100 people to play them (see the update below), for an entire work day outside the headquarters of British Petroleum.

If you don't know what vuvuzelas are, you probably haven't been paying attention to the World Cup. These are vuvuzelas.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal, dollar for dollar, on letting BP know how you really feel.

Vuvuzelas costs $6.50 each plus shipping. Adam will hire vuvuzela players off Craigslist and pay them whatever is left over. If any waive their pay, he will buy more vuvuzelas and find more players.

Head over to Adam's Kickstarter page to read more and to donate to his campaign.

UPDATE: Adam left an update:

I have been told that there are some places to find vuvuzelas for under $5.

This means we already have enough to buy 100 vuvuzelas.

This means we are going to have around $1000 of extra financing, which will go directly to the Gulf Disaster Fund set up by the Center for Biological Diversity:

Win win.

Thanks for supporting this everyone.

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Donate: Smother BP with a wall of vuvuzelas
Donate a few dollars and help put 100 vuvuzela players in front of BP corporate headquarters for an entire day.