Small electric bikes and scooters are great — they're quiet, they don't belch out pollution like gas-powered engines do, and they cost nickels to operate.

They're also great if you've lost your license as the result of driving under the influence charges.

A Florida scooter shop has struck on gold and is marketing low-speed electric scooter bikes to people who have lost their licenses. Bikes and scooters with less than 750 watts, travel at no more than 20 mph, and have pedals don't require a license to operate and are being snapped up by people who would otherwise be stuck riding the bus or riding a regular bike.

Here's a news report from ABC News about Florida's DUI scooters:

MADD is upset about that people convicted of drunk-driving offenses have access to any kind of motorized wheels, but short of changing state law, there's not much that can be done about it.

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Drivers with DUI charges skirt license rules with electric scooters
Electric scooter bikes are the preferred mode of transportation for an increasing number of drivers who lost their license due to DUI charges.