National Journal broke the news (which Josh Nelson of Enviroknow picked up) that Duke Energy has cancelled their membership in the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy (ACCCE), which I wrote about when they were recently caught lying to members of Congress in an effort to scuttle climate change legislation.

This is great news. Duke Energy wants climate change legislation to pass, presumably because by supporting it, they can have a hand in shaping the final bill. They're not really fully jumping into the greener camp -- they still think coal must be a part of our nation's energy mix and that CO2 capture and storage is something we should waste spend money on -- but leaving the ACCCE is a good step in the right direction for them and for the planet. Kudos Duke Energy.

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Duke Energy quits the ACCCE
Citing the ACCCE's opposition to passing climate change legislation, Duke Energy dropped their membership in the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy.