Kinder Morgan is one of the largest energy companies in the world, with about 11,000 employees, a nearly $40 billion market cap, and more than $14 billion in annual revenue. The company enjoys the power and might that comes with being an enormous transnational corporation and has legions of lawyers and corporate security working to protect its interests.

And yet, Kinder Morgan is afraid of snarling protestors.

Not the snarling protesters themselves mind you. No, Kinder Morgan is afraid of seeing the faces of snarling protesters. Bill Kaplan, a lawyer for Kinder Morgan, argued in a hearing before the British Columbia Supreme Court that the faces and snarls of people protesting against the company's Burnaby Mountain pipeline project could constitute a form of assault on Kinder Morgan workers.

Activists deftly pounced on Kaplan's comment and started posting snarling faces on Twitter and Facebook tagged with #KMFace. The meme quickly took off and is currently running in full swing. has a good site for people who want to voice their opposition to the pipeline project. You can swing over to learn more and let Kinder Morgan know how you feel.

Here are some of the best #KMFaces, staring with Dean Fortin, mayor of Victoria, British Columbia, which lies just south of the Kinder Morgans pipeline project near Vancouver.










If you post your own scary snarly face pictures on Twitter or Facebook tagged with #KMFace, share a screenshot or copy it here in the comments.

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Energy lawyer argues that protesters' snarling faces constitute assault (and no, this isn't The Onion)
A lawyer for energy giant Kinder Morgan recently argued that seeing the faces of unhappy pipeline protesters could constitute a form of assault.