It’s always good to keep tabs on life north of the border. A Canadian website named is encouraging potential visitors to look elsewhere when it come to vacations until the province stops the expansion of the Alberta oil sands

The site’s visitors are encouraged to visit all sorts of other beautiful places in Canada, but also to pledge not to visit Alberta until the province takes steps to transition away from tar sand oil, stops expanding the tar sands and stops spending millions of dollars on public relations campaigns that encourage the United States’ continued use of Canadian oil.

As for what you are giving up by taking the pledge? Just a few of the best resort towns in the Canadian Rockies. Banff, Jasper Canmore and Lake Louise are all amazing sites residing within Alberta’s borders. By the looks of some of the pictures on this website, Banff and Lake Louise are as beautiful as the oil sands are disgusting.

It nice to know good old environmental activism isn’t just restricted to the United States.

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