Happy Friday!

Here are a bunch of good stories that have been collecting in my browser this week. Enjoy!

• The ExxonMobil Pegasus oil pipeline spill is spreading. My buddy Chris Tackett is following this one closely and has a roundup of the latest news over at Treehugger.

• Another of my friends, Stephanie Rogers, wrote a good post about the spread of community woodworking shops.

• The manholes of Washington, DC have taken to randomly exploding due to natural gas leaking underneath the city.

• Is the earth about to flip through a potentially catastrophic state change thanks to the impact of human society? A new review study looks at how close we may be to a climatic tipping point.

• Nature is really good at design. Check out these insect wings that fight off bacteria by microscopically shredding them.

• Can we 3D print our way out of climate change?

Have a great weekend!

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ExxonMobil's spilled oil, exploding manhole covers, and Earth's tipping point
Community woodworking shops become popular, insect wings microscopically shred bacteria, and the size of ExxonMobil's Arkansas oil spill grows.