Reporters for the local news station WEAR ABC 3 were out on the beach shooting a story about oil found below the sand when they were accosted by a federal official and then later a police officer who told them they were barred from digging in the sand because they didn't have the necessary permits. Even if they wanted to build a sand castle.

This is beyond ridiculous but not surprising in the least bit. From the start of the BP spill, the government and BP have colluded to suppress information every step along the way. The less we know, the better for them.

Most likely they'll succeed in skirting any responsibility or enacting major reforms. Why? Because the government makes the rules and because people have short memories.

Via Boing Boing

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Feds tell reporters to stop digging for oil in the sand
A federal official and a police officer told a local Florida news reporter that digging in the sand wasn't allowed without a permit.