Finnair has launched an emissions calculator that's the first to use actual real world data to drive it's predictions rather than estimates or assumptions.

When queried, their calculator looks at the actual emissions numbers for Finnair's fleet from the quarter of the year before to make its calculation. Finnair updates those numbers four times a year, making their calculator the most precise and up to date flight emissions engine on the web.

Just punch in the cities you are traveling between and up pops the raw numbers of your environmental impact.

On my trip to Helsinki a few weeks ago (Finnair flew me out to meet with their CEO and sustainability officer), my share of the overal impact added up to a total of 384 liters of fuel (101 gallons of gas) and 966 kilograms of CO2 (2,129 pounds). The roundtrip flight was 8,234 miles, which works out to be 81.5 miles per gallon of fuel consumed, which is far and away greener than if I had made a trip of the same length in a car.

Click over to try it out yourself.

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Finnair launches world's most accurate flight emissions calculator
Finnair has launched an online calculator that uses regularly updated real world stats to figure out the environmental impact of flying.