Media Matters put together a great compilation of Fox News anchors and commentators stating wildly disparate numbers when citing the number of jobs that will be created by the Keystone XL pipeline project that was recently delayed after the Obama administration denied a key permit. The pipeline is being pushed hard by TransCanada Corporation, the company that would build and operate it, and their army of paid-for lobbyists and politicians. Despite the recent roadblock put up by Obama's denial of the permit, TransCanada has vowed to keep fighting for regulatory permission and has the benefit of time and money.


This video shouldn't surprise anyone (gasp! Fox News, lie!?) but is a good reminder of how little the "news" network cares for the truth and accuracy as much as it does for being the mouthpiece of the Republican party..




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Fox News: Keystone XL will create 2,000, 85,000, one million jobs
According to the GOP's favorite media mouthpiece, the Keystone XL pipeline would have created thousands, no- tens of thousands, no- hundreds of thousands, wait-