If you're under the age of of 40 or so, there's a good chance you spent some time as a kid ripping around the neighborhood and bombing down hills on Big Wheel low-ride tricycles. The now-classic toy was introduced in 1969 and was hugely popular throughout the 70s and 80s. I have a very fond and distinct memory of being seven years old and spending an summer afternoon dressed up in a winter jacket, gloves, knee pads, and my dad's motorcycle helmet and hurling myself down my grandmother's very steep and long driveway on my big wheel time after time, each run ending with a spectacular (and in my mind, fiery) wipe out in the grass field at the bottom of the hill.


The guys at Huffyslider have reached back into time and recaptured the spirit of the original Big Wheels to create this high speed blast of fun:



I especially love how low the CO2 footprint of the sport is- the downhill part of the run is CO2-free and riders naturally carpool up the hill to reach the start.


This could be the next big thing. I'm asking Santa for one next Christmas.



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