In July I wrote and made a video about Dave Nichols, an engineer, inventor, and all-around tinkerer who converted a pickup truck to run on wood and/or any other form of biomass, including old leather boots.

Artist Joost Conijn took the idea of a wood-powered vehicle and cranked it up a notch by covering an old Citroën with wooden panels to go with a wood-fired engine.

It's beautiful and fantastic. I hope the technology (which was first developed in the 1800s) gets some serious attention from someone important sometime soon. It could make a lot of sense to power cars with local biomass in many agricultural and rural settings.

Joost Conijn's site via Neatorama via Make

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How much wood would a wood car burn ...
How much wood would a wood car burn if a wood car could burn wood? What's better than a car powered by wood? How about a car powered by wood, made of wood?