Sure, we're being hit by the worst environmental disaster in our history. Yeah, millions of people have lost all or part of their livelihoods. Scores of birds, fish, sea mammals, and other animals have died and are dying. Cold and deep water coral beds are being smothered by massive clouds of oil and dispersant. It's pretty bad.

But sometimes you just have to laugh. It's hard to keep all that anger focused if you don't ease up with a good belly laugh every now and then.

So here are a couple of really funny videos about BP and the oil spill. A quick warning — one of the characters in the first video uses course language and is a rich, arrogant, bigoted jerkface. If such language and characters offend you, skip to the second video which has just one F-bomb near the end at the 2:32 mark (shame on faux Kevin Costner).

To start, the hilarious re-enactment of the BP oil spill, in one minute, performed by cats. I love it. (This is the one with the offensive-to-some language; some cats are just jerks.)

"BP — you're not mad enough to not drive your car" is sadly funny.

This video is from the Upright Citizens Brigade. This one has been popping up all over Facebook, and I found it via Grist.

And finally, check out these reworked BP logos via This Blog Rules. Here are a few of my favorites, click over to LogoMyWay to see them all.


Designer credit: Ken


Designer credit: Sherminator505


Designer credit: Thisischristian

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Hurts so good: Having a laugh at BP
It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the bad news coming out of BP's oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Take a minute or two and have a laugh at BP's expense.