It's funny how my feelings about ice cream trucks changed from the time I was a kid to now, when I'm a parent. When I was little I would start running around in circles as soon as I heard the first notes of an approaching ice cream truck, beside myself with the burning desire for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bar (the kind with the bubblegum nose). Now that I have two children of my own, it's just the opposite — the last thing I want to do with my kids is spend 11 bucks for a few sub-par ice cream bars ($3 for an ice cream sandwich!?).


I would be overjoyed though if the Solar Ice Pop Truck rolled down my street. The truck is solar-powered, covered in facts about harnessing energy from the sun, and was built as a marketing tool for Sungevity, a solar power company located in Oakland, Calif. Sungevity drove the truck around New York City this past July, giving out organic Good Pops with the company logo and website.





Check out this great video showing the truck in action. It's especially cool when the panels unfurl.


Sungevity Solar Ice Pop Truck from Manifold on Vimeo.


Read more on the Sungevity Solar Ice Pop Truck blog. Via Laughing Squid via BLDGWLF


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Ice cream truck packages ice pops with solar power
Sungevity's Solar Ice Pop combines education with tasty free frozen treats.