"Is your trip necessary?" — WW2-era posters inspire oil-spill themed updates. What does 25,000 barrels of oil look like? Multiply that by four and you have about how much oil is spilling out from BP's spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron doesn't think it needs to drill a relief well in a new well they're drilling under 8,530 miles of water. Trust them.

This pretty well sums it up. And here's a light-hearted Unicorn chaser.

Locals aren't waiting to get permission from the feds/BP to enact measures to protect their beaches and shorelines from BP's oil. Controlled oil burns at sea are a good way to get rid of oil but they end up roasting a lot of sea life to death in the process. Nasty business all around.

The judge who overturned the deepwater drilling moratorium owns a bunch of stock in drilling companies. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen actually said that the suicide of a gulf boat captain despondent over the oil spill was not "directly related" to BP's oil spill. Disgusting. He should lose his job and his pension.

BP based its oil spill response plans on old government models made for a surface-level spill. The government is as much at fault for this as BP. Not Obama, not Bush, not the Democrats or Republicans. The government, all of them. The government has been tight with Big Oil since there has been a Big Oil and it's going to be really hard to change that.

Is it raining oil in Louisiana? I haven't found anything definitive — in normal circumstances oil does not evaporate into clouds, but with the massive amounts of oil sitting on top of the Gulf and the unknowns that come with using the millions of gallons of dispersants that BP has been pumping into the ocean, who's to say it's not raining oil?

And the oil gushes on.

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Controlled oil burns are roasting sea life along with the oil, BP based its response plans on out-of-date government plans, and Chevron wants us to trust them.