When it comes to industrial mining, bigger is better. Mining companies, always looking to increase their bottom lines by boosting their economies of scale, have pushed for larger trucks, scoops, and cranes to rip the raw materials from the ground. The size of some of these machines is staggering. The Bagger 288, an enormous bucket-wheel excavator used in open pit mines, was at one time the largest land vehicle in the world, weighing in at 13,500 tons (27 million pounds) and climbing more than 300 feet in the air.

If you’re going to have a huge excavator to dig up the ground, you need a huge dump truck to haul it away in. That’s where the Caterpillar 797 comes into play.

The Cat 797, as it’s known around the mines, is an absolute beast of a machine. Its six tires each stand more than 13 feet tall and cost over $42,000. The Cat 797 is powered by a 3,370-horsepower engine that has no problem hauling around 345 tons (690,000 pounds) of materials.

It can be hard to visualize just how big these machines are, so I thought I’d share this video of a Caterpillar 797 running over a full-size Land Cruiser. It looks like the Land Cruiser has been stripped of its engine (no doubt to minimize any possible damage to the 797), but the effects of the collision is still very impressive.

Give a watch:

Anyone else suddenly hungry for pancakes?

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Just how big ARE dump trucks used for mining? See for yourself
The Caterpillar 797 is a 50-foot-tall dump truck widely used in the mining industry. Watch what happens when it faces off against a stationary Land Cruiser.