Here's a midweek link drop for you. Enjoy!

• The EPA recently approved the TVA's plans to dump contaminated coal ash waste from the Harriman, Tenn., eco-disaster in a poor African-American community in Alabama.

• North Carolina state Rep. Pricey Harrison (D-Greensboro) introduced a bill in the House to prohibit cities and counties from blanket prohibitions on drying clothes on a line. And it got slaughtered in committee.

• A giant blob of something is floating in the sea off of Alaska. There's no word of a rumor that Sarah and Todd Palin are motoring out to it with a harpoon and bible to fend it off.

Meet the Carrot Mob, a wickedly smart idea for harnessing the power of people's pocketbooks to bring about a greener world. 

• Can living a greener lifestyle ruin your credit?

• Burning Man 2007 was symbolically greener.

Happy 4th birthday to green LA girl, the blog of MNN's own Siel. I've been reading it for over three of those years and am excited to watch it go another four years and beyond.

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