Happy Wednesday! Here are some good stories to help you ride through the day.

Wind power grew 39% in 2009. Huzzah.

• This ice fishing video has some pretty cool footage shot from beneath the ice.

• This is as pure awesome as it gets- artist Jeremy Dean cut up a Hummer H2 and turned it into a horse carriage.

• Have you heard? (Smart) mud is the new plastic.

Why do TV weathermen deny climate change?

• I don't see why anyone is surprised at the news that lawns aren't CO2 sinks.

• The new jet engine inspired FloDesign wind turbine claims to be 3-4 times more efficient than the traditional prop style. This could very well be the future of wind power, check it out

• Did European retailers pass off GMO cotton as organic?

• Haiti should be built strong and solar powered.

• Yes! TerraCycle, one of the coolest companies around in my opinion, will begin upcycling pens and markers.

• And Yes!, the Recovery Act is working.

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Midweek links: Wind, fish, weathermen, and the H2 horse carriage
Is mud the new plastic? What does wind power 2.0 look like? What is Terracycle doing with all those pens? And have you ever wondered what ice fishing looks like