Happy Monday!

Here are some great links that have been piling up in my browser to help you get through the first day o' the workweek.

The Genocide Behind Your Smart Phone: Are we unwitting participants in African civil wars and atrocities? Our smart phones and other electronic devices contain rare minerals mined from land controlled by brutal military governments and rebel armies. What can we do about it?

Gulf Oil Spill 'Blob' Changes But Never Vanishes, Presents Ongoing Battle For U.S.: BP's spilt oil, aka "The Blob", is an amorphous hazard that's presenting major hassles for cleanup workers. How do you kill that which has no life?

'A Whale' Too Big To Clean Up Gulf Oil Spill: Speaking of cleaning up the oil, a giant oil skimmer on loan from Portugal is proving to be too large to effectively clean up the ever-shifting patches of BP's oil. It's hard to imagine how this whole thing could have been handled more ineptly.

BP execs should go to jail: I want to see more of this — the Baltimore Sun is calling for the jailing of BP executives. Fining them doesn't seem to have an effect; it's all a part of the cost of doing business. Let's throw BP CEO Tony Hayward and a score or two of lower level execs in jail (not the kind Martha went to, either; they should be tossed in real jail, the same kind where we put murderers and rapists). Hear, hear!

Huge fire burns for 15 hours in China after TWO oil pipelines explode: Fossil fuels will be the end of our civilization just as much as they helped build it. When is the last time you heard about a solar power pipeline exploding?

Gulf Coast fishermen angry over oil claims ruling: Is anyone surprised that BP is finding new and innovative ways to screw over fishermen? I'm certainly not.

BP launches effort to control scientific research of oil disaster: BP is buying up Gulf Coast scientists as fast as it can sign checks — the company is paying them big bucks (how's $250/hour sound?) to secure their research and future testimony in any future lawsuits against them. Could they get more corporately evil?

Saving the Earth by Shrinking Humans: Stupid idea ... or really, really stupid idea?

Forget Shorter Showers: Living a greener life is great and all, but if we want to really save the world from ourselves, we're going to have to make major changes in the way industry handles our natural resources.

Utilities Learn the Politics Behind 'Nudging' Consumers: Here a shocking piece of news — conservatives don't like being asked to conserve energy.

Obama Administration Opens Up 1.8 Million Acres of Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve: What could possibly go wrong?

And finally, to leave things on a more pleasant note, here's video of a duck and puppy that are best friends.

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