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Arsenic in water poisoned 77 million Bangladeshis

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element in Bangladesh. In the '70s, millions of wells were drilled all around the country in a well-intended bid to provide people with clean water. Unfortunately many of the wells were drilled in areas rich with naturally occurring arsenic. It leached into the water, and now up to 77 million Bangladeshis have been exposed to dangerous levels of the toxic substance.

Joan Smith: What about compensation for Bhopal?

In 1984, a terrible accident struck Bhopal, India, when corporate cost-cutting caused a storage tank holding deadly cyanide gas to leak. About 3,500 people were killed right away, and more than 10,000 more later died from their exposure. Union Carbide, which was later acquired by Dow Chemical, was accused of cutting back on staffing, safety regulations, and capital improvements, causing the tank to leak. Joan Smith wonders why we get so fired up about BP's oil spill yet were so silent over the tragedy of Bhopal.

Large oil spills are old news in the Niger Delta

And along those lines, Nigerians are pointing out that they have been dealing with massive ruinous oil spills for the past 50 years or so.

Chevron's $27 billion liability in Ecuador "glaringly low" in light of BP disaster

And another — Chevron has been poisoning Ecuador for decades and is being a real corporate jerk about paying a $27.3 billion judgment against it.

A yachting trip? The 10 worst BP gaffes in Gulf oil spill

This article must have been really easy to write. BP is blowing its PR game so dramatically that you'd think this was their plan all along.

If only.

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Monday news roundup
BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is terrible, but what about the huge oil and chemical spills in places like Nigeria, India and Ecuador?