This thing is like the Hydra — with every question answered, three more pop up.

Why is BP blocking cleanup workers from taking photographs of marine life coated in oil?

Why is BP CEO Tony Hayward still employed?

WHY IS BP STILL USING DISPERSANTS!? And why hasn't BP deployed tanker ships to hoover up as much oil as possible?

Why is BP trying a risky move to cut and then cap one of the riser pipes, knowing that if workers screw it up, the oil flow will increase by 20 percent? Especially considering they've screwed up everything that they've tried to stop this leak.

Why isn't it mandatory for oil companies to drill backup relief wells that can be quickly tapped to stop oil leaks? They do it in Canada.

How will the world change if this thing isn't capped until Christmas?

What do you think?

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More questions about the oil spill
We're looking at 2 to 6 months before the oil will stop gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. There are still a lot of questions that need answers.