There have been a lot of really stupid things said about the oil spill that is quickly turning into our nation's worst environmental disaster. Treehugger collected seven of them, rounding out both the bottom AND top of the list was Mr. Limbaugh with his forehead-slappingly inane assertions that environmentalists probably blew up the oil rig to drum up support for the cap-and-trade bill and that the oil gushing out from more than a mile under the surface is "as natural as ocean water is".

No one should be surprised at this. Rush Limbaugh gets paid a lot of money to say stupid things to his stupid audience. You could easily lose a day on the internet trolling through the various lists of the "Top X stupid/racist/ignorant things Rush Limbaugh has said".

My friend Michael over at Treehugger did a pretty bang-up job of ripping apart Rush's ludicrous statement about oil being as natural as ocean water, for all the good that it'll do. Anyone who believes anything that comes out of Rush's mouth probably isn't going to be swayed by, you know, actual facts and figures. Reality has a nasty liberal lean.

It'd be comical if it weren't for the size of Rush's audience. There is a frightening number of people out there right now blustering about how the liberal lefties are using this oil spill to further advance Obama's hidden agenda to enslave your grandparents to run human-powered renewable energy farms.

Or something like that. Scared yet?

This just in: Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears to give Rush a run for his money when he recently called the oil spill an act of God while warning against stopping off-shore drilling. Facepalm

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Rush Limbaugh: Oil spill 'as natural as ocean water'
Rush Limbaugh thinks environmentalists probably bombed the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and that the oil spill is nothing to worry about. Don't you feel better?