Oh my science. You know things are bad down in the Gulf of Mexico now that they're talking about stopping the oil gusher with old tires and golf balls.

The containment dome has failed, and they've managed to stop one of three leaks but that's only make the other two leaks flow that much more forcefully — it hasn't actually reduced the overall amount of oil coming out.

A relief well is months away and hurricane season is fast approaching.

And now they are talking about shooting golf balls and shredded tires into the flow in the hopes that it would stop the leak.

I certainly give the U.S. Coast Guard and BP credit for being willing to try anything; it's just sad that it has gotten to this point already.

U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen told the Times Online (UK) that shooting golf balls, shredded tires, and other debris, is an "exotic" concept, and that it's "something they call a "junk shot".

I wonder, have they considered blasting it with a nuke? The Russians first did it in 1966, four more followed in 1979 with only one failing to stop the leak. A nuke would collapse the hole carrying the oil in the Gulf and would neatly seal things up. At that water depth any radiation would be contained. I'm sure the U.S. government could rustle something up quick in their stockpile, and we could have this sucker tied up by the weekend.

Seriously though, why aren't they considering using a nuke? I think when the next best option is stuffing golf balls and tires into the hole, it could be time to think nuclear.

What do you think?

Update: MNN reader Dharma Dog Pictures shared this link to a news report on the possibility of using nukes to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil leak.

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Stopping the oil leak: Golf balls vs. nukes
Officials are considering using shredded tires and golf balls to try to gum up the Deepwater Horizon oil gusher. Why isn't anyone talking about blasting the lea