One of the great things about Reddit, the popular link sharing site, is the random strangely wonderful things you come across. This Reddit link lead me to this bizarre and fantastical yet sadly possible and relevant illustration:


Like any great work of art, it's exact interpretation is open for debate, but I think Redditor Emperor_Zar may have it spot on:

So Britney Spears seems to be whacked out on some drug and is apparently upset that BP sh*t caught fire. She is sitting on an oil soaked beach in Louisiana holding an obviously tripping cyclopian SpongeBob who just loves his hallucinogenic oil and is quite literally thinking everyone in the world should try it. All the while King crane back there is more than happy to have all those toxic fish to himself?

Oil, oil, everywhere.



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The craziest oil spill painting you've probably seen
What's your interpretation of this bizarre painting found on the news sharing site Reddit?