If you thought the one billion gallon spill of toxic coal ash sludge in Harrison, Tenn., was bad, just wait until you read about the nine billion gallons that could spill as a result of mountain top removal mining in West Virginia.

As if ripping down an entire mountain wasn't bad enough, the proposed project to rip down Coal River Mountain has the potential for upsetting a NINE billion gallon coal sludge pond nearby, that if disrupted, would cause havoc and destruction, death and suffering.

Locals are not taking the project lying down. Yesterday five residents were arrested for disrupting operations at the Massey energy strip-mining operation near Pettus, W.V. Later on that day eight more activists were cited after they delivered a letter to Massey Energy President Don Blankenship and then refused to leave.

You can help save Coal River Mountain by calling W.V. Governor Manchin at 1-888-438-2731 or by sending an email from this web form.

Here's a great video that highlights the problem while proposing a great alternative — a wind farm built on the mountain ridges and underground coal mining below.


Coal is the enemy of mankind. Mountain removal mining is an enemy of both mankind and the earth.

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The fight to save Coal River Mountain
Massey Energy wants to rip down Coal River Mountain in West Virginia to get at the coal below. Local residents need your help.