Oh my science do I love this bike/stroller combo from the Dutch company, Taga!

We need more vehicles like these. Our streets should be filled with people riding bikes like this, or electric bikes, cargo bikes, bike school buses, bike bars, and even boombox bike cruisers. More people would ride bikes if they had more choices beyond the traditional bike design.

Here's a longer video that's really shows the Taga in action:

I can say from personal experience that if we were able to increase the number of electric bikes on the road, we'd be able to draw a lot of people out of their cars and onto two wheels. Having a throttle eases the headwinds, hills, and speeds up the flats and downhills, and in the process it makes biking way more accessible to people who would otherwise be turned off by the work.

I've been riding the Pedego Comfort Cruiser and Currie Tech's Izip Trekking Enlightened (both are test bikes on loan) for the past nine months, and I have become a quick and fast convert to the school of the e-bike. Electric bikes are going to be a big part of how we get around in the future.

The Taga bike/stroller will hit the U.S. on April 15, including an infant-seat-friendly mount and a two seater.

Via Treehugger

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The Taga combines the best of bike and stroller
A new bike/stroller combo is set to hit the U.S. in April. Check out the Taga, the amazing new bike/stroller that everyone will be talking about.