Happy Thursday! It's nearly weekend! It's happened again- my browser is stuffed with more great greener stories than I can handle and I'm having a hard time picking one to focus on. So, I'm going to throw them all your way. Here's a bunch of good stories to feed your news fix.

• Wired: Chemical From Plastic Water Bottles Found Throughout Oceans

Lovely- a survey of 200 ocean spots around the world has found the harmful synthetic compound bisphenol A, aka BPA, aka the chemical that took down Sigg, in all of them.

• Business Insider: Check out this amazing Segway killing electric bike

The Yike Bike is a foldable electric bike that looks pretty awesome to boot.

• Treehugger: Colorado: Powered by 30% Renewable Energy by 2020

I lived in Colorado for six years and both my daughters were born there, so I was especially proud when I read this news. Fantastic!

• Talking Points Memo: Viagra, ACORN, and Gay Marriage: The 10 Most Ridiculous GOP-Proposed Health Care Amendments

Wait, this has nothing to do with the environment? How'd this get in here!? ;p

• Mental Floss: Haunting Footage of Appalacia's Lost Coal Towns

Jim Lo Scalzo shoot this video of abandoned coal country towns and facilities like a photographer. The results are visually engaging. Watch this one on full screen.

Ghosts in the Hollow from Jim Lo Scalzo on Vimeo.

• Marc Gunther: 100 Best Corporate Citizens? What a CROck!

Marc Gunther (no known relation) rips a list of the top 100 best corporate citizens put together by Corporate Responsibility Magazine that leaves out Timberland and Whole Foods while including ExxonMobile and Yum! brands which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.


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Thursday links: Wind power, e-bikes, and abandoned coal towns
A photographer shoots video in abandoned coal country, scientists find BPA throughout the entire ocean, and have you heard of the Yike Bike?