Choose your D.O.T. (Do One Thing)

Happy Thursday!

Here's a bunch of great stories you should be reading.

Recycling on the move- How San Francisco is able to compost, reuse, or recycle 72 percent of its waste stream.

House fire caught in a tornado- Holy amazing video, Batman.

Dimijian Images mossy leaf-tailed gecko- You don't get more camouflaged than this. Nature is awesome.

Ban Ki-Moon's Shocking Climate-Change Photos- The U.N. secretary-general comments on photos showing the results of already rising temperatures.

The business lobby and the chamber of commerce- For the first time in its history the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is losing members over a policy issue. Is climate change too big for the chamber to fight?

Rush Limbaugh to NYTimes environmental reporter Revkin: "Why don't you just go kill yourself"- Par for the course for Rush, it must be hard having to try to out-crazy Glenn Beck.

How to Get More Bicyclists on the Road- The percentage of women riders in a local bicyclist population is a great indicator of how safe an area's roads are.

Kill a Kid? Take the Day Off- We have to stop treating police different than regular people when it comes to crime. A Dallas police officer was driving 70 mph in a 40 mph zone without his lights or siren on. He struck and killed a 10-year-old boy riding on his bike and received a day's suspension from work. Outfreakingragous.

Coal Plants Do $62 Billion of Damages a Year to U.S. Environment- Coal is the enemy of humanity and is costing our country more than it's worth.

The 5 Most Eco-Friendly Airlines- If you have to fly, you should try to do it as green as you can.

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