Here are some great stories and videos making their way through the news cycle right now.

Read this article- 1491. It's long, but will get you thinking. The article posits the theory that the Western Hemisphere was a lot more populated than we thought before being settled by Europeans and that the Amazon rain forest might have actually been created by humans.

• My buddy (and green blogger rockstar) Karl Burkart made a great chart showing what the average American's CO2 emissions for 2007 looks like.

• Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing decrys user-hostile design with a tale of an old light fixture being resurrected after a run-in with a poorly design modern fixture.

• Jeff Simmermon tells the story of his time spent in the Australian outback as an assistant kangaroo hunter. Warning: His descriptions of his duties tend toward the graphic side. Here's the video of his presentation.

• Speaking of Australia, the koala bear could be extinct in a few decades.

• Like a wintry Borg ship floating from out of the mists, a massive iceburg has appeared off the coast of Australia.

• Some wealthy guy in Galveston drove his $1.25 million Bugatti Veyron into a marsh while another guy happened to be filming. Schadenfreudilicious. Here's the video, warning- the guy filming appropriately drops the S bomb a few times when the car hits the drink. Turn the volume down or put on your headphones if you're watching at work or overly sensitive to swears.

• Plastics are a huge part of our modern lives. Shouldn't we have tighter controls over what goes into them and how they're used? John Wargo at Yale's Environment 360 thinks we should.

Meet Mower, the grass munching robotic sheep lawn mower. Mower is awesome.

Part disco ball, part Death Star, part solution to global warming?

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