This is outrageous.

Two activists were assaulted and arrested by British cops after they tried to document and photograph the police during a protest against the opening of a power plant last year.

The two women, Emily Apple and Val Swain, were at the protest on behalf of Fit Watch, an organization that photographs and videos Forward Intelligence Teams, a British police outfit that has been accused of harassing and putting surveillance on protesters and journalists. When they tried to get the badge number of a police officer who had hidden his badge, they were surrounded by other police and driven to the ground -- hard. They were hogtied and arrested.

The women spent four days in prison before being released with no charges filed. The Guardian has a six-minute video showing the entire event; it's a must-watch.

The U.K. is getting to be a scary place as they get closer and closer to fully realizing the reality of 1984. Big Brother is watching, and he's not showing his badge number.

Via [Boing Boing]

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UK cops tackle activists at climate camp
Last year two activists were forcefully arrested during a climate change protest for trying to record police badge numbers.