Here's the box, freshly delivered by FedEx from Optibike, located in Boulder, Colo. (follow them on Twitter).

The outside straps were easy to remove and reusable. I dig that.

Opening the box was easy — four bolts unscrewed and the top lifted right off.

This thing looks like it comes from the future.

When I walked around to this side after lifting off the top, I started to get pretty excited.

Optibike really packed this well using mostly wood and reusable ties. More on that a couple photos down.

The box at the base of the bike.

The front wheel is light and looks like it costs more than I make in a month. Which, it probably does. The other piece to the right of the wheel is the back fender which is held in place by four bolts.

Here's the contents of the bike — you get an owner's manual on DVD, a couple other manuals and promo material, a pump for the shocks, a wrench for the pedals, the charger, the front wheel's axel, pedals, and disc brake spacers for reshipping.

I was impressed by how little disposable plastic they used in the packaging. This is the full extent (and even then I wonder if they could have used paper).

Most of the bike was held down with these plastic, reusable straps.

My daughters helped me out by holding the bike up for a shot. I think it would benefit from a two-pronged kickstand like the Pedego Comfort Cruiser has.

This is the control panel where you can turn on both the power and lights as well as select between Fast and Eco speed. I apologize for the soft focus on this one. My bad.

The rear disc brakes.

The rear shocks.

The lights are bright! I'm going to do some night rides to see how they affect the range, but I do like the integration between the bike and light power source.

The back derailleur.

I'm pretty excited about putting this thing through the paces over the next couple of weeks to write a more in-depth review.

Time for a ride!

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Unboxing the Optibike electric bike
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