Checking back in on the TVA billion gallon coal ash slurry spill story:

Coal Ash Crisis Management: What's It Going to Take -- Dead Bodies?

HuffPo writer Jeff Biggers points out the shoddy management of our nations coal ash ponds and piles and asks what is it going to take for us to clean it up. There are hundreds of coal ash slurry ponds around the country, this one effects us all.

TVA found in violation of TN water quality act

Not to be outdone with their accidential release of coal ash sludge at the Kingston plant, the TVA released sludge from a dam on the Ocoee River on Sunday. They released mud from the bottom of the lake through the dam, which washed into the river and killed a lot of fish.

Oklahoma Sen. Inhofe Walks Out on TVA Disaster Hearing

Climate change denialtard Senator James Inhofe walked out in the middle of Senate hearings on the TVA coal ash slurry disaster. He stayed to listen to TVA's CEO but skipped out before what he called "environmental extremists", aka the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, had a chance to testify. You stay classy Senator Inhofe.

Scams among new concerns for Roane Country residents

Disasters can bring out the best and worst in people. Scammers are going around offering bogus water testing and purification services to the citizens of Harriman, the epicenter for the coal ash slurry spill.

Here's a great, if a bit long, video showing scenes from the Emory River before and after the billion gallon spill. 

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Updates on the TVA coal ash spill
How big of a problem is the nation's collective coal ash waste? How bad is it in Tennessee? What's going on in D.C.?