Gamers use a lot of energy.

So says the Natural Resources Defense Council. They recently released a report (PDF) along with Ecos Consulting, that says gamers a a whole eat up 16 billion kilowatt-hours a year. The PS2 and XBox are downright hogish, pulling 150 and 119 watts respectively while the Wii sips just 16 watts.

The report doesn't include PC gamers, so there are probably a few more billion kilowatt-hours used up by WoW players alone, to say nothing of all the Sims, Counter Strike, and Spore addicts.

Swing over the NRDC's website to read the report and a few ways you can cut down on your gaming eco footprint.

Link [NRDC] & [NRDC Report (PDF)] via [EcoGeek] via [the inquisitr]