Some jerk in Brooklyn has ruined a lot of bike locks in the Williamsburg neighborhood by filling them in with Krazy Glue. He's being called "The Bike Crusader". The anonymous vigilante is mad that the streets around Bedford Avenue are filled with chained-up bikes — it's legal to lock bikes on racks provided by the city or by businesses but illegal on anything else.

The Brooklyn Paper has interviewed the Bike Crusader, who said:

“If I get the right people together, we will go down Bedford Avenue at 4 a.m. and inject every bike lock on the strip with Krazy Glue."

“There is a bike crisis. Every pole in the neighborhood is littered with them. … These yuppies are running the whole damn city, and I’m left to my own devices.”

Sigh …

I don't live in the Bike Cruiser's neighborhood, so I can't speak to the level of yuppieness or the overall clutter of bikes, but I find it unfortunate that this is even happening. If New York City had proper and adequate bike storage, the Bike Crusader wouldn't have cause to get all fired up with Krazy Glue. If the people in the Williamsburg neighborhood (and all over the city) had space in their apartments and offices in put their bikes, they wouldn't need to chain them up on the streets.

New York City is trying to get better about supporting bike riders — last year the city mandated that bike owners have the right to carry their rides in elevators (well, freight elevators) — but clearly they have a loooong way to go.

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Vigilante glues up Brooklyn bike locks
A anonymous Brooklyn man, fed up with bursting neighborhood bike racks, takes things into his own hands and ruins scores of bike locks by filling them with Kraz