IC Bus, a company selling, you guessed it, buses, is promoting a really cool contest to find America's greenest school and my daughters' school, Plummer Motz Elementary in Falmouth, Maine, is in the final 10!

The contest asked students to submit entries explaining what they would do if they were in charge of making their school a greener place. The students in Mrs. Merrifield's fourth-grade class at Plummer Motz put together a really cute video showing some of the ideas they came up with for greening up their school.

The school that wins the most votes will win a hybrid electric school bus (worth $150,000), an audit by a LEED certified pro (worth $20,000), and a free concert by the contest's official band, The Maine. The student or students who submitted the winning entry will also take home a $3,000 scholarship, the teacher of the winning class gets $500 in class supplies, and they're giving away a $100 Visa card to a random voter every day of the voting period.

Voting opened yesterday and runs through April 2. The winner will be announced April 21.

You can view the other schools' entries (they're all great) and vote here. If you feel so inclined to help my daughters' school win, it takes less than a minute — just click on "Vote!" next to "Mrs. Merrifield's 4th grade class, Plummer Motz School" on the lower left-hand side of the page or just click here to vote directly for Mrs. Merrifield's class.

[America's Greenest School] via my friend Morgan from PortSports Social Club

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