A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Vuvuzelas for BP, a project seeking funding and support at Kickstarter that would get hundreds of vuvuzela players blasting away at BP's corporate headquarters to protest the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Its creator, Adam Quirk, was initially looking to raise $1,000 to cover the costs of vuvuzelas and the people to play them in front of BP HQ, but as more financial backers and media attention rolled in, he announced that all the money would be donated to the Gulf Disaster Fund.

On Tuesday, July 13, the plan was set in action and scores of vuvuzela-playing protesters outfitted in "BP Blows" shirts starting wailing at BP HQ.

Internet video site Babelgum sent a film crew out to the protest and built a page with all their videos. Swing over to watch the fun.

Donate money directly to the Gulf Relief Fund here.

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Vuvuzelas for BP a success!
Vuvuzelas for BP raised thousands of dollars for the Gulf Disaster Fund and blasted a wall of annoyance at BP's corporate headquarters.