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University of Oklahoma physics professor Kieran Mullen showed how NOT to recycle a laptop when he drove home his strict no-gadgets-in-class policy with the help of a bucket of frozen nitrogen. He arranged for a student to bring in a dummy laptop which was then confiscated and dunked in the hyper-cold liquid nitrogen. OU freshman Lindsey Brinkworth told the Oklahoma Daily, “He said: ‘This is just liquid nitrogen, so it alone won’t hurt the computer — but this will. Then he threw it to the ground and told him to have IT fix it.”

Check it out:

It's unfortunate that the video cuts away soon after the drop so we don't get to see the actual results. I suspect the student filming didn't want her cell phone to be the next gadget to be dunked and dropped.

Via Oklahoma Daily via Engadget



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Watch: Freeze a laptop, smash it to pieces
Physics professor Kieran Mullen used liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how serious he is about his 'no gadgets in class' rule when he froze a laptop and then dropp