My friend Michael from Organic Lifestyle Magazine shared this very cool link with me- Breathing Earth shows simulated real time CO2 emissions and birth and death rates on a country by country basis.

Spending time on this page is good practice for Globetrotter XL, a fantastic geography quiz I found this past weekend.

This is what a metric ton (2,204) of CO2 looks like. Dave Ames, a science teacher at Cohasset High School in Cohasset, Massachusetts built a cube showing what a metric ton of CO2 looks like. The cube is 27 feet by 27 feet by 27 feet.

Photo credit: Sustainable Milton

Our country makes 1,000 of those of CO2 every 5.3 seconds.

This is what 1,000 tons of CO2 looks like.

China does it in 6.4 seconds, Russia 19.5 seconds, Brazil 1.6 minutes, Mexico 1.2 minutes, India 23.5 seconds, Saudi Arabia 1.7 minutes, France 1.3 minutes, Sudan 50.7 minutes, Mongolia one hour, Egypt every 1.3 minutes, and the Falklands 9.1 days.

Check it out at Breathing Earth.

It's also a little scary that in the short time I've had Breathing Earth open, 6,783 people have been born but only 2,767 have died. Carrying capacity, here we come.

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