Rachel Maddow deployed her army of editorial assistants to gather video of news coverage of the Ixtoc l disaster, a massive oil spill that happened 31 years ago, which she set against today's ongoing British Petroleum leak in the Gulf of Mexico to eery effect.

Two oil spills, 31 years apart, yet next to nothing has changed in terms of our ability to prevent the spills in the first place and to then shut them down. The only thing that has changed is that oil companies are making more money and getting better at drilling in more dangerous situations.

It's hard to have hope that we won't be seeing the same thing happen two or three decades down the line from here. There's too much money to be had in being bad, at least when it comes to drilling for oil.

It's criminal is what it is.

It should be noted that the Ixtoc I was drilling in water 160 feet deep. The Deepwater Horizon leak is 5,000 feet down. The topkill is not working, and I'm afraid we won't see an end for months until the relief wells are drilled.

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We don't learn from our (oily) mistakes
After 31 years, the only thing that's changed about offshore drilling is that oil companies are better at doing it in more dangerous situations. They haven't le