Have you seen the price of oil lately?

No, not the price you pay to put gas in your car, not even the price of a contract for one barrel of oil.

I'm talking about the REAL price of oil — the costs associated with extracting oil from the ground. I'm talking the very real and negative impact that oil exploration and drilling have caused countless people and communities around the world. In this specific cause I'm talking about what's been called the "Amazon Chernobyl"— the alleged illegal dumping of up to 18 billion gallons of oil waste and chemicals by Texaco in Ecuador that has created a dead zone the size of Rhode Island with elevated rates of cancer, leukemia, birth defects and other serious health ailments.

Chevron, the parent corporation of Texaco, is as one might expect, denying the whole thing, claiming the suit, brought on by 30,000 indigenous Ecuadorians, is a sham designed to plunder their bank account.

CRUDE is a remarkable film that follows all the players involved in the drama of the case. Filmmaker Joe Berlinger shot 600 hours of raw footage spread out over three continents in more than a dozen cities to capture the details of this real life David-and-Goliath battle. He is there for meetings between Eucadorian activists, contentious discussions between the judge and the various lawyers involved in the case, and treks through the jungle by the entire court to visit locations associated with the alleged dumping.

Here's a quick clip of Mr. Berlinger talking about his film:

CRUDE is in Sundance right now, the rest of us hopefully will be able to see it by sometime in the spring.

H/T to Benyamin for this one. Thank you good sir.

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What does oil really cost us?
The film 'Crude', now playing at Sundance, tells the story of a group of indigenous Ecuadorians fighting to restore land allegedly destroyed by Texaco.