Breaking Ground is a very cool nonprofit org that funds small-scale community driven projects in Cameroon. Only a few years old, it has already made a hugely positive impact in seven Cameroonian communities, funding the construction and stocking of a 7,000-volume library, provided business training to more than 150 women, sponsored and organized a women's soccer team, funded 14 local business ventures, and built a school.

They keep things as small and direct as possible to cut out corruption. They also didn't have access to a power compactor to tamp down the ground ahead of pouring the concrete floor in the classroom. They did the next best thing — they danced.

Watch this.

Pure awesome. Greener too.

Those kids are really excited to have a school. I try not to take all the first-world advantages that I've had and continue to have for granted, watching videos like this helps remind me how lucky I am. A little dose of Louis C.K. every month or so never hurts.

You can read Breaking Ground's Mission & Approach.

Donate to Breaking Ground with Google Checkout or PayPal, or setup recurring donations through Network for Good. Breaking Ground (501(c)93) tax-exempt nonprofit, so your donations are tax deductible.

If you roll old school, you can mail them a check to:

Breaking Ground

104 Neal Street

Portland, ME 04102

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When greener building means dancing
Watch this video of a new school in Cameroon and how they get around the problem of not having a power compactor.