Happy Friday! Here are a few good stories to take you out of this long work week.

• The illoomballoon is an LED light-filled balloon that burns out after 15 hours.

• Check out Shibam, Yemen, home of the centuries old mud skyscrapers. It's even car free!

• Shipping containers make for great health clinics.

• Copenhagen is experimenting with rack-less bike parking.

• Blech. Big Coal will name a University of Kentucky dorm after coal, the enemy of mankind.

• Apparently it's news that the solar industry is realizing they need to hire lobbyists to get their agenda pushed in D.C.

#350Cute- with me now- awwww....

"Clean" coal is going nowhere fast. It couldn't happen to a dirtier source of energy.

• Big events means big trash. 10 events that need their own landfills.

• The amazing story behind National Geographic's "Do chimps grieve photo?".

• These are either the greenest robbers (low-impact disguises!) or the dumbest. Or both.

• Could California actually do it?

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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When LEDs aren't green and other good stories
Centuries old mud high rises, "clean" coal is hurting, big solar needs to hire more lobbyists, and could California actually legalize?