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I found an awesome source for updates on the billion gallon coal ash sludge spill in Tennessee. RoaneViews is an online blog covering Roane Country, Tennessee news and opinion and is being regularly updated by WhitesCreek with breaking info from the spill.

Here are a few of his (her?) most recent posts:

Remember the Birds

Randy at KnoxViews Discusses Bloggers Importance in covering the Spill

CNN/Bloombery give Bad Info on Water Supply

"Too expensive" to Prevent Spill

After the Spill... Watts Bar Fish STILL unsafe to eat

Twitter is another good place to check, there's a lot of good links and perspective there.

What a mess.

The Huffington Post has a great photo slideshow that shows more of the devastation.

Here's a good report from MSNBC that asks "when the muck is gone, does that mean the problem is gone?"


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When the muck is gone, is the problem gone too?
Local bloggers are filling an important niche in the coverage of the coal ash spill in Harriman, Tennessee.