Ecorazzi has some pretty awesome news: The next Muppet movie could pit them against an oil tycoon!

They picked up the news at Geeks of Doom that the new movie, officially titled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made, could use an early premise Jim Henson had in the '80s that would have the Muppets working to save an old theater from an evil oil tycoon who wants to pump the oil under the building (I guess horizontal drilling doesn't exist in Muppetland).

I really hope they go with that story line; I'd LOVE to bring my kids to a movie with oil as the bad guy. My brain is chock full of cherished memories of watching The Muppet Movie and Muppets Take Manhattan as a kid, and it would have been even cooler if they were fighting for the environment.

Take it away, Kermit ...

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Will the Muppets take on big oil?
Rumors are swirling that the new Muppet movie could have our foamy heroes fighting to save an old theater from oil drilling.