Green jobs is a hot topic these days. President Obama has made green jobs a priority in his economic stimulus package, talking about creating millions of careers building wind turbines, installing solar panels, and making houses more energy efficient and he hired Van Jones on as Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation.

On the ground level, we're starting to see some of those green jobs being created. Mariah Power, the creator of the Windspire wind turbine, is opening a new manufacturing plant in Manistee, Michigan, that will employ 100 locals to build their unique vertical axis turbine. So, 100 Michigan families won't have to worry about how their going to pay the mortgage because mom or dad will be going off everyday to build wind turbines. Here's a quick video about the plant:

How different do you think those 100 families think about environmental issues now? It would be really hard to get a paycheck from Green without opening up, even just a little, to the idea that maybe we shouldn't pollute the crap out of the world. This is a fantastic thing that needs to be multiplied 10,000 times across the country. This is how things change.

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Wind is putting Michigan to work
Green jobs in action: A wind factory in Michigan is employing 100 people who lost their jobs in the auto industry meltdown.