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9 high-profile champions of nuclear power

By: Starre Vartan on Jan. 25, 2012, 9:25 a.m.
Bill Gates visits clinic in China

Photo: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is just one of the perhaps-surprising public figures who is bullish on nuclear energy as a future power source. In fact, he is so supportive of one new type of nuke called TWR (traveling-wave reactor) that he is the major investor behind Terra Power, which is using Microsoft’s computing power to build next-generation power plants, possibly in conjunction with China. TWR can burn depleted uranium (instead of enriched) and other lower-quality radioactive fuels for much longer periods of time — possibly up to 100 years. “The idea is to be very low cost, very safe and generate very little waste,” Gates says in an Associated Press article.