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9 ingenious wind turbine designs

By: Bryan Nelson on April 29, 2013, 3:29 p.m.
Wind Harvester

Photo: Wind Power Innovations

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Wind Harvester

Looking at this device resembling a teeter-totter for giants, you may wonder how it is meant to generate power from wind. Called the "Wind Harvester" and invented by Heath Evdemon — also the founder of Wind Power Innovations — this bizarre looking turbine is specially designed to generate power from subtle winds that aren't strong enough to turn traditional turbines.

The system is based on reciprocating motion. When wind catches the device's airfoil, it rises until it reaches its peak, then the blade alters its angle and it teeters the other way. Not only does it work in low wind speeds, it is virtually silent as it rocks up and down. The low-impact motion of the Wind Harvester also makes it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.